Meet The Team

Colin Blackburn

Colin(52) is the true master craftsman of the Blackburn Leather Family. Despite his Parkinsons diagnosis 8 years ago - he remains the only sewer of belts and leather components of the bags and wallets with an accuracy that is uncanny. He is more introvert and quieter then the rest of the family but when he has something to say - everyone listens. His gift of engineering has been been paramount in aiding him in creating patterns, make machinery and solve product construction challenges.


Shane Lindsey

Shane (62) is the most interesting member of the Blackburn Leather Family by far. A chatty extrovert - well travelled with tales of a lifetime of adventures spent in the military, at sea, and as a pilot - he finds himself at peace with a sense of family among the mountain folk. He is Colin’s assistant with belts while he now solely manufactures our sandals, mystery braid accessories and coasters. A qualified mechanic with plenty of DIY ability … and always at his foot - his “fur-child” Miss Molly a portly Fox-terrier matron.


Janet Blackburn

Janet (55) is the creative extrovert in the Blackburn Leather Family. High energy and busy, always trying to make the impossible - possible and pushing the boundaries of design, colour and material. She is highly organized, constantly coaching, motivating and micro-managing the team. Handling systems, advertising, photography, display and communication. While ambitious for the tiny industry, she never forgets the needs of staff, family and community.


Simone Visser

Simone (73) is altogether remarkable as she steps up to her duties as the Shop Assistant. She is petite and small – just right for our tiny 10sqm shop - which could not have accommodated a more buxom lass. Throwing open an Nguni hide for a client’s inspection, and rolling up the display skins at the end of the day is her aerobic workout. She is neat, tidy and conducts her duties in an organized and responsible manner. She dutifully opens the shop on request for patrons on days that we are closed.


Sara Sehlapelo

Sara (48) is cheeky, mischievous and full of jokes. That aside – she is also one of
the hardest workers we have known and willingly applies herself to the
multitude of domestic, garden and part time leather tasks. She diligently helps
with cooking and feeding the leather family. A keen observer - she prefers the
physical work of readying the Nguni hides for marketing then sitting still at a
work station. No task is ever too hard or strenuous – a commendable
willingness and work-ethic.


Israel Blackburn

Young Israel (24) is the baby of the company BUT also the Director and Brand Ambassador! She has a sensitive and sensible nature and although she holds down a full-time job at another company while also planning to study part-time, she is always ready to step in and be of assistance where she can. She diligently handles the social media for the company and features as a model in our campaigns while also alerting us to fashion trends. She is our stalwart when we need support, fashion advice, a “gofer” or a caterer.