Leather FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vegetable Tan Leather?

Vegetable tanned leather is processed using vegetable oils. This is a very traditional method spanning approximately 4 weeks.

What is Chrome Tanned Leather?

Chrome tanned leather is processed using chromium salts. This method expedites the process to around 24 hours.

What is Top-grain Leather?

Top grain leather is derived from the splitting of the top hard layer from the softer under layer of hides. Top-grain is the upper smooth layer (Upholstery application)

What is Suede Leather?

Suede is derived from the splitting of the top hard layer from the softer under layer of hides. The suede is the softer, textured under layer.

What is Nubuck Leather?

Nubuck is leather that has been buffed on the smooth grain side to give the leather a velvet texture.

What is Kip-side Leather?

Kip-side is a young steer hide that has been slit in half down the spine.

What is Double-butt Leather?

Double-butt leather is the hind quarter of a cow hide. (belt application)

What is Nappa?

Nappa is the term used for sheep hide.

What is Buff-print Leather?

Buff-print is the term used to describe leather that has been rolled in a drum to soften and distress and then embossed with texture, leaving it looking very much like buffalo hide.

Product Care

Our vegetable tanned eco-leather is extremely durable, but it may still require some care from time to time. Part of what gives our leather its ability to weather and age beautifully is that it’s absorbent. As your product ages it will develop character from its environment. To keep your product looking beautiful, do your best to avoid getting it dusty, wet or oiled. Store it in a dry place out of the sun.

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